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Modulation of graphene physical properties due to controlled induced mechanical strain

Identification: GJ18-06498Y
Project start: 2018.01.01
Project end: 2020.12.31
The project is aimed to develop a new method of modulation of a graphene monolayer at controlled conditions. It will be achieved by integration of a graphene FET structure with piezoelectric resonator. Graphene properties will be adjusted mechanically by the resonator. This leads to independent and precise control of an amplitude of induced mechanical strain, its modulating frequency, which all influence properties of the graphene. This method provides us a chance to characterize electrical properties of graphene based on precisely controlled mechanical strain, in both statically and dynamically. This approach has a great potential for measuring and monitoring cells, enzymes, nucleic acids, DNA and RNA all at ambient temperature. It can be also used for measurement of toxic, combustive or waste gases.
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