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Plasmachemical processes for synthesis of carbon nanotubes and study of their functional properties

Identification: GAČR 205/10/1374
Project start: 2010.01.01
Project end: 2014.12.31

The project proposes to develop novel plasmachemical methods for the synthesis and functionalization of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), study the role of catalyst and its support on the CNT growth and investigate functional properties of CNTs (field emission, electrical conductivity and electrochemical activity). The CNTs will be synthesized using supported catalyst method by unique process of microwave atmospheric pressure
torch. The low cost atmospheric pressure glow (APG) process, i.e., APG at kHz frequencies without using helium in the gas feed, will be developed too. Restructuring of catalyst by plasma discharges, especially by mw torch and APG, and the application of non-conventional catalyst supports such as nanostructured plasma polymers will be systematically investigated. Plasma functionalization and polymer wrapping of CNTs will be applied using pulsed r.f. low pressure discharges and APG, besides other conventional approaches. Related
plasma processes will be investigated by optical emission spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, probe and electrical measurements.

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