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Our facilities:

  µAUTOLABIII/FRA2   Metrohm-Autolab  
  Autolab PGSTAT204/FRA32M   Metrohm-Autolab  
  Contact angle measurement device (Phoenix 300)     
  Deposition equipment     
  Device for ion beam assisted deposition     
  EBA 20 centrifuge   Hettich  
  Electronic devices development workplace     
  Electrotechnical measurement workplace     
  Equipment for plasma etching TESLA VT 214     
  Chamber for low pressure chemical vapour deposition of carbon nanotubes     
  Chamber for low-temperature deposition of bio-reactive materials by SAM     
  Chamber for low-temperature deposition of hydrophilic materials by SAM     
  Chamber for silicon etching in reactive gas (XeF2)     
  Isolator workplace   Modular 3-glove box JACOMEX  
  MiniSpin plus® centriguge   Eppendorf  
  Ohmical trimming laser AUREL ALS300   AUREL AUTOMATION  
  Photolithography workplace     
  Pocket potentiostat/galvanostat PalmSens   PalmSens Instruments BV  
  Probe station CASCADE M150   CascadeMicrotech  
  Rotary evaporator Hei-VAP Advantage G1   Heidolph  
  Scanning electron microscope (SEM) Tescan FE MIRA II LMU   Tescan  
  Stylus profilometer DektakXT   Bruker  
  Thermo Shaker Incubator MSC-100   Thermo Shaker  
  Titrator Titroline Easy   Schott Instruments  
  Ultrasonic bath SONOREX DIGITAL 10 P   Bandelin  

Other available facilities:

  Fast fire furnace BTU TFF51   BTU International  
  Laboratory furnace LMH   LAC  
  Semiautomatic screen-printer AUREL mod. C880   AUREL Automation  
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