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This laboratory was founded in 2004 by Dr. Jaromir Hubalek after his return from Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Catalonia, where he worked several years in the area of gas sensor research. In his today big laboratory he has associated the current research in the area of electrochemical sensors. While gaining new projects the laboratory has expanded concerning the number of people and devices, which have been distributed into several closely targeted workplaces. Nowadays the laboratory comprises of following workplaces:

  • Chemical Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Sensors and Biosensors
  • Laboratory of Microtechnologies
  • SEM Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Lithography

Since 2005 the cooperation with the Laboratory of Metalomics and Nanotechnologies has started; this laboratory is led by Dr. Rene Kizek and its specialization is in the area of bioanalytical methods. Since 2010 both teams has been blending together extensively, now we speak about one team indeed.

Together, we are members of two research centers being built in the frame of Research and Development for Innovation Operation Programme.  Namely:

In CEITEC project there are cleanrooms of 800 m2 area to be set gradually, with the cleanroom standards class 10-1000 and full infrastructure for work in the sphere of micro- and nanotechnologies.

Until being finished there is the possibility to make use of existing laboratories in Brno. Cooperating workplaces for the implementation of many tasks in the area of micro- and nanotechnologies  are as follows:


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