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Formation and properties of novel self-organized mixed-oxide 3-D nanostructured films for use in advanced microdevices (AnoNanoFilm)

Identification: GAČR GA14-29531S
Project start: 2014.01.01
Project end: 2016.12.31

Supplier: Czech Science Foundation

Applicant: Dr. Alexander Mozalev


The making of 3-dimensional nanostructured materials has become the most versatile area of research aiming at advanced materials with new fundamental and functional properties. The project seeks a new way to build self-assembled, versatile 3-D nanostructured metal-oxide-metal and metal-oxide-semiconductor films (nanofilms) by merging the benefits of advanced nanocomposite inorganic materials with the flexibility of electrochemistry-based techniques. The diversity of film designs and architectures will be explored through the synthesis of niobium-, tungsten- and aluminium-oxide-containing 3-D nanofilms via electrochemical anodizing and deposition treatments of superimposed Al, Nb and W layers on microelectronic substrates. The film formation-structure-property relationship will be determined to gain insight into fundamental electrochemical, physical, optical, electron and ionic transport phenomena in the films in pursuit of tailoring film properties and discover functionalities for potential applications to advanced micro and nanodevices

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