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Research of the micro electro mechanical artificial cochlea based on mechanical filter bank

Identification: GAČR GA13-18219S
Project start: 2013.02.01
Project end: 2016.12.31

Supplier: Czech Science Foundation

Applicant: Ing. Jan Prášek, Ph.D.


Project deals with the research of MEMS sensors based on mechanical filter bank for acoustic signals decomposition into separate frequency components. MEMS sensor will be designed to be used in cochlea implants area. The complex research including MEMS sensor integration as well as appropriate system for energy harvesting from surrounding vibrations or temperature and optimally designed electronic circuits for connection of these two systems will be done within the project.

The main benefit of designed sensor in comparison to current cochlear implants would be markedly lower power consumption which in combination with suitable energy harvesting method from surrounding temperature or vibrations would lead to creation of on external sources independent sensors or to power consumption minimization, from external power supplies at least. Next advantage would be low costs of the sensor due to its possible integration with electronic circuits into one die in the future.

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