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The research and development of microsensors is a very topical issue in the microtechnology or microelectronics area, requiring a strong support in Czech Republic to be able to affect the development of electronics. The reason is missing background of a strong manufacturer and infrastructure needed, making the work with up-to-date technologies possible. These high-tech technologies are in concern of big companies producing microprocessors and memories, i.e. especially in USA and Asia (Japan, Taiwan and Korea).

There are not many workplaces in Czech Republic dealing with microtechnologies or microelectronics. Some workplaces have been built in Brno, others are in progress. Available microtechnologies are completely sufficient for sensor constructions and therefore the research is focused on these technological production processes in our workplaces. Next to microtechnologies utilized this way we are engaged in nanotechnologies – both lithographic (top-down) and non-lithographic (bottom-up). Our advantage is interdisciplinary approach combining material and live sciences, i.e. next to physical sensors we devote ourselves to the research of biosensors, diagnostic chips and labs-on-chip. 

doc. Ing. Jaromír Hubálek, PhD.

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